Applying for Permanent Residency (Visa 887)

On March 17, 2010, we arrived in Australia on a State Sponsored Skilled Migrant Visa Subclass 475. This is the visa that most people that come to South Australia arrive on. It is valid for 3 years and gives you the right to live, work and study in a specified regional area.

In a post I wrote last August, I mentioned that the amount of people LEAVING the state was greater than the amount of people ARRIVING. That’s the reason most people who come to South Australia arrive on this visa; because South Australia is a state with a lot of interstate emigration (thus, they’re more willing to bring people from overseas).

If you’re a temporary resident with a 475 Visa, you must meet the following criteria in order to be able to apply for permanent residency (Visa 887):

  • Live TWO full years in a specified regional area (in our case, anywhere in South Australia)
  • Work full time for ONE full year in ANY profession (you would also meet this requirement if you work TWO half-time jobs during the same year – source)

These requirements must be met by the PRIMARY applicant. So, if your spouse hasn’t been employed for a full year, it’s ok. You can still apply provided that YOU have met the criteria.

Pretty easy, huh?

So, exactly two years after our arrival, we already had everything we needed and went online to submit our application ourselves. Some people “like” to pay about $2,000 to shift the responsibility to someone else, but I’m the kind of person who seizes the bull by the horns. Also, giving away two grand for something that only takes about half an hour seems like a ridiculous waste of money, but then again, that’s just me.

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That is, of course, if you:

  • Are computer literate
  • Are able to follow simple instructions
  • Know how to fill out a form
  • Kept records of your original visa application (the one you submitted to come to Australia)
  • Have a scanner
  • Know how to work with different file extensions, know how to keep file sizes reasonable, and know how to merge PDFs

For me, these are skills that any 8-year-old should already have. But it’s true. Many professionals out there still think that HTML is an abbreviation for HOTMAIL.

If you’re laughing at what I just said, you’ll be fine. Do the application yourself. If you didn’t get the joke, read no further and pay two grand to an immigration consultant. You’ll need all the help you can get.

If you came to Australia assisted by immigration agents, in other words, if you did NOT make your own application, then applying for permanent residency on your own could prove to be quite challenging.

Links you should visit

This one tells you the file types the department of immigration will accept:

This is where you can start your online application:

Important tips and advice:

Police Clearances

You will need a police clearance certificate from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and any countries where you’ve lived more than one year in the past ten years. If you’ve lived anywhere else in the past ten years, then you’ll already have that police clearance since you would have needed it for your first visa application. Use the same one.

Now, you’ll need the clearance from the AFP and that’s one you won’t have. Fortunately, getting one is very easy. Follow this link for info:

Police clearances take an average of TWO WEEKS to be issued (ours arrived exactly two weeks after we sent the request). So, be smart and get your clearances THREE weeks before you can apply for permanent residency. That way, you’ll have all the documents you’ll need by the time you qualify and your application will go through right away.

Scanned Documents

For a scanned document to be accepted, it must be a scanned original in FULL COLOUR. So, make sure that you sign documents like the Statutory Declaration with BLUE INK. Otherwise, it will look black and white and the department of immigration won’t know if it’s an original or a photocopy. This is very important as it will delay your application. Make sure there’s colour in all your scanned documents.

Also, you’re asking for something. So, MAKE IT EASY for them to give it to you. Don’t send them a million documents, images, etc. For every section, send ONE combined PDF, so that they have all the proof they need for that section in one file. For example, to prove that you’ve lived two years in your area, scan a copy of the page of your rental agreement that says when you moved in, a copy of your last electricity bill with the same address, and then merge the two in a single PDF. That single PDF is what you’ll attach to your application to prove that you’ve lived here for two years.

Same thing for all other sections. One PDF for each one, even if that PDF is composed of several scanned documents.

So, how long did it take for our permanent residency application to be processed?

The answer . . . a few minutes. Seriously.

We submitted our application with all the documents we needed, except for the police clearances. Why? Because we didn’t have to let us know that we needed this beforehand, so we had to get the clearances while our visa application was already underway.

A couple of days later, immigration sent us an e-mail reminding us that they still needed the police clearances, and I replied saying that we had already requested them and that we would pass them on as soon as we had them.

Important: BE NICE when you interact with immigration and BE PROFESSIONAL. This is more important than any job you’ll ever apply for. Act like it.

On the second week, the clearances arrived, I scanned them, e-mailed them to immigration, and MINUTES later, our visas were granted. The next day, we went to our local immigration office and got our passports stamped in under 10 minutes.

Australia rules!


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84 Responses
  1. Prema says:

    Congrats on your visa!

  2. Vicky Foreman says:

    Hey, congratulations!! We arrived just after you (24th April), applying for PR (887) this Wednesday. Did we need to submit the UK police checks too, from 2009 (theyre from first application)? Thanks, Vicky 🙂

    • TripleA says:

      When you start your application, you get a list of all the documents you’ll need to submit. I’m not an immigration agent, so I’m not qualified to tell you what you need to do and you should not take anything I say as legal advice. What I can tell you is that “I” had to submit all police clearances from all the countries where I had lived for more than one year in the past 10. Maybe that answers your question, but check yourself. The list of documents you’ll need is clear as water. You can’t go wrong if you follow it to the letter. Good luck!

  3. Yasser says:

    Hi, I’m a little confused about whether I need to do health checks. I remember doing one for the 475 visa, but do I need to do another one for 887? I’ve just been outside of Australia for 1 month and I’ve been living here for the last 2 years.

    • TripleA says:

      Well, good news for you. If you have a 475, then the answer is no. You won’t need another health check for an 887. If I remember correctly, the application says it.

  4. Dawar says:

    I have 475 Orana region NSW,I visited by 10th may2012 and came back 28thmay2012 I have plan to be ther by jan 2013. I want to ask should I go back Orana or I can go any regional area

  5. Elma says:

    Hello, I noted that you indicated that work experience is cumulative. My friend applied for same visa. However, her working hours is 30hrs only not 35hrs which is for full time because she’s just permanent part time . Do you think will that be okay since cumulative? Thanks

    • TripleA says:

      It should be fine, she’ll just have to do the math and work a little bit longer than a year before she applies for the permanent visa to make up for the hours she will still need.

  6. Buddhika says:

    We have 475 Visa. My wife is principle applicant and I am secondary applicant. We arrived November 2011. But my wife couldn’t find a job yet. I am working full time from Jan 2012. If my wife can’t a find a job within 2 years can I apply PR as a principle applicant. Do i need to do IELTS. What band i need to get. Previously I get 5.5 band. Now I am working University of Southern Queensland as software Engineer. Can’t I provide Letter from my employee about my English. Is it enough to full fill PR process.
    Please help me….

    • TripleA says:

      Hi Buddhika, congratulations on finding and keeping a job in a university. Those are hard places to get a job in.

      Anyway, last I checked, “either” one of the applicants who meets the criteria can apply for permanent residency. My wife and I were not required to resubmit IELTS scores when we applied, but this is a question you should direct to the Department of Immigration, just to be on the safe side. Laws change all the time, so what I remember from my own experience may not be applicable today.

      Good luck!

  7. Oxana says:

    Hello, I need your help. I have been granted 475 visa and I’m the main applicant. We are going to move to Australia, WA, in May next year. I wish to study online in a college that located in other state. What do you think, is it possible to study distantly not in WA? Will I avoid any problems in the future on our way to Permanent visa? Thanks in advance!

    • TripleA says:

      Congratulations Oxana!

      The rules must have changed because when “I” was granted the 475, I was given 90 days to be in Adelaide or else, I would lose it. In any case, back to your question, our ability to qualify for permanent residency had nothing to do with studies, but with WORK EXPERIENCE. When we had this visa, the requirement to qualify for a PR was to live 2 years anywhere in South Australia and to work 1 year full time (or two years if half time). School had nothing to do with it, so you should be free to study whatever you want wherever you want.

      A word of caution though. The 475 is a 3 year visa and you’re already wasting 8 months of it. That gives you 28 months to meet the 24 months of physical presence and 12 months of FULL TIME work, or equivalent in part time hours. The later you arrive, the less time you have to qualify. You should be here ASAP, as it may take you months to secure employment, especially if you’re thinking of “schooling” this late in life. People on 475 visas should already have the skills to get here and work right away. If you’re still thinking of going to school, that tells me (and your prospect employers) that you’re lacking skills somewhere. Your time would perhaps be better spent here, working. It doesn’t have to be in any particular field. All you need is to work to secure your PR.

  8. Ravi says:


    In my two year stay I took two overseas holidays about a month each,does that mean I have to wait for another two months before I apply for PR.

    Please advise as this is very tricky and I could not find an answer anywhere

  9. deepak says:

    I am 475 visa holder and currently on my second year of this visa. I have almost completed my first requirement to apply for the PR i.e. 1 year full time work. But i have one doubt, as i have been staying in landlord’s private property since one year. I have been paying the rent in cash to landlord and i have no electricity, water bill, telephone bill on my name. Landlord has promised me to give one reference letter for my duration of stay in his/her house. moreover, he/she has told me that the letter will be attested by justice of peace. In this case can i submit that letter as an evidence of my stay in regional area for the 887 visa application. If not, what other documents can i use as evidences??

    Expecting your reply.

    • TripleA says:

      That’s a question for Immigration SA buddy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer isn’t already listed on their website.

      At any rate, they want you to provide convincing proof that you were actually HERE for the past 2 years, and this is something you would have known when you moved here. They’re pretty clear about it and immigrants must plan ahead. Having no legal record of your actual stay in the country is pretty dumb, and forgive me for saying so. How else were you planning to prove that you have been here for 2 years?

      Anyway, give them a call. They’re very helpful. Don’t be afraid, you won’t have to give your case number or anything. You’re just asking a simple question that they should know the answer to. You haven’t broken any laws, so be honest. I’m sure they’ll give you an alternative way to prove your stay.

      Also, I suspect IT’S ILLEGAL to take cash payments for rentals without having a lease agreement or handing out receipts. Your landlord must be evading taxes. Your receipts should help you prove your stay, but receipts are not enough by themselves, as anyone could rent a property and then move out. Your passport is also good proof, as it will have no EXIT stamps on it. You’ll need more, though. If you own a car, your registration helps, so does your insurance. But again, you should contact Immigration SA, not just some random blogger on the internet. The least you could do is read the previous comments.

  10. Ravi says:

    hi , i come with my family on 5th April 2011 in Canberra and move to Adelaide on 15th April 2011 [475 visa]. main applicant is my wife. i am working on ABN as sub contractor 29th April 2012 [ newspaper delivery ] till wife gone back to native country and spend 5mths and i also 3weeks. plz advice and guide me that when we apply for PR. [in last wk of April 2013 or in sept 2013 {wife’s spend 5 mths}. or i will apply PR on my behalf. my wife need police cle. cert. from native country as well as medical . how i will proof my working hours as i am working on ABN and get payment on submitting hand written invoice in bank account. what are documents i need or i can prepare before applying. waiting for reply

  11. Muthukumar says:

    Hello there,

    Recently I lodged an online application but in the midway after entering visa says that online processing has been ceased for these visa’s. Actually I was in 487 and was applying for 887. Could you please let me know what might be the reason. Thank you!!!

    • TripleA says:

      That’s a question for Immigration SA buddy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer isn’t already listed on their website. Give them a call, they’re very helpful.

  12. Luxmy says:

    I’m the main applicant holding 475 visa. I came in to Australia in January 2011. I’ve completed 2years and working for last 20months. I got married in October 2012 and my partner is holding 489 (subsequent entrant visa) under skill select. He came in to Australia this month (January 2013) My question is whether I can add my partner to my 887 (Permanent) visa application? Should my partner also complete 2year being in Australia?
    If I check the eligibility of secondary applicants for 887visa, secondary applicants should hold one of the visas 495, 496, 487, 475, 476, 485 & 471. As 475 is no longer now and 489 is the newly introduced visa, 489 visa also should be in the list.
    Could you please let me know whether I can add him to my 887 (permanent visa) application.
    Thank you.

  13. Prema says:


    Just wondering, what was the payment amount for the visa when you applied?

    I have started my application and the last page of the application is the “payment details” and the cost is $325. Is it suppose to be that expensive?(Im also “converting” 475 to 887 just like yours)

    Another thing is, I cant seem to attach any document to the application. Checked and rechecked all pages of the form and there is no way to attach anything.

    Thank you

    • TripleA says:

      We paid $315 for our 887 visa application, so it sounds about right. Now, expensive? I don’t know what you’re talking about. They could have charged me $3,000 and I’d have paid it GLADLY for the privilege to live in this country.

      Attaching docs was tricky. There’s a special URL to go to, but I can’t remember it anymore. You can call your case officer and they’ll be able to let you know what e-mail address to e-mail your docs to instead. There are some specific instructions in order for your e-mail to land in the right hands, though, so make sure you ask.

  14. nonymous says:

    hi! i had submitted all the documents including my police clearance to my case officer on tuesday but now today is friday and i still do not get any result… what to do

    • TripleA says:

      Be patient, those docs take about a month to be processed. At any rate, if you need to enquire, call the police. They’ll be happy to let you know the timelines.

  15. Ravi says:


    Can I apply immediately after two years of arriving in Australia ,because I had two overseas holidays in these two years lasting 30 days each.I have been trying to find a answer on the web but could not find it.I rang uo DIAC they also could not tell me.

    Would appreciate if you can advice if holidays are considered or excluded in the length of stay.

    • TripleA says:

      Well, if DIAC couldn’t answer, call again and try to speak to someone different. You should have the direct e-mail address of your case officer, as they contact you just before you arrive.

      At any rate, if you’ve already lived here 2 years and have worked at least 1, then you’ll have met the criteria. If I were in your shoes, I’d apply. The worst that can happen is them telling me that my application would take an extra 2 months to make up for the time I was away.

  16. Ravi says:

    Thanks Triple A,I will do as you say.Cheers.

  17. Sam says:

    I got 475 visa for WA as Business as ICT Business Analyst..I checked majob job sites but unable to find job opportunities. Is it ok to move one regional area to another area in different state? will it be problem when applying for PR?

    • TripleA says:

      I’m sorry you’re in that predicament. I remember enquiring about that once and they said that you should take care of yourself first, and if you, after having tried everything, still cannot find employment in your sponsor state, then you can move to another territory provided that you receive a valid job offer. However, please contact your case officer and let them know what your situation is. As long as you make them aware of what you’re planning to do and ask them for advise, you’ll know for sure whether you can or not move freely. Australian authorities are very people oriented, so they’ll do what they can to help you get on your feet.

  18. Ali says:

    I’m currently on 475 visa as a main applicant.
    I was Wondering if my wife as secondary applicant needs to submit a new IELTS result to prove of functional English language ability ? Since Her last result would be expired within next 4 month before we would be able to apply for 887 visa?

    Appreciate your help a lot.passed 15 months living in my

    • TripleA says:

      Ali, if you look at the requirements to apply for the 887 visa ( you’ll see that if you can’t provide high IELTS results for the secondary applicant, then you’ll basically have to pay for English school “in advance” to ensure that she learns. These lessons are mandatory if the applicant doesn’t already have a fair level of English skills. As the main applicant, you probably already meet the English requirement. You and your wife should be allowed to stay, but you will have to pay for your wife’s English lessons on your application (and they cost thousands). At any rate, I’ve said it a million times, I’m not an immigration attorney. All these questions should go straight to Immigration SA. They’re very helpful.

  19. Ankita says:

    Hi, I was student in SA and currently i am holding 487 Visa. My 487 was granted 1 year ago. I have already finished 6 years in regional area. So my question is does my eligibility has been full filled for 887? Can I apply now for pr or I have to wait till I finished 2 year after my visa has been granted.

  20. Mash says:

    Hi, The information that you provide is truly valuable, I’m also on a 475 visa, you have mentioned “ANY job” for a period of 12 months, my question is does this cover 38 hr casual and factory jobs / unrelated jobs? or I have to stick to my assessed qualification? your reply is much appreciated.

    • TripleA says:

      That’s right Mash. Any job. Any profession, any kind provided that cummulatively you worked full time hours over a period of 1 year. Half time over 2 years, etc.

  21. Nurun says:

    Hi There,
    Greetings! Its very good to see your important conversations on this website. Its very true to get information is really tough in abroad because everybody is busy.
    Bye the way, could you please help me by providing some information?
    That is, i am a male subclass 574 visa holder (Spouse)because my wife is doing PhD here. we already live in Adelaide for two year and one month. I want to apply or stay here for residency… so what is the next step for me…. If you provide any information that would be highly appreciated.

    I am eagerly waiting for that.

    Thanks and have a good day

  22. nina says:

    hi triple a. i just want to know if the one year fulltime work requirement for visa 475 which you said can be cumulative, is written somewhere in their website? can you please send me the link? or any communication from the immigration that we can use as a basis? thanks

  23. (hidden) says:

    Hi Triple

    U have mentioned that a person should arrive here as soon as possible as the poster had already waisted 8 months to arrive in australia,

    My question is , it is clearly states in Visa grant notification that 3 years starts from the day u arrived in australia ( although have to follow the initial entry date), any light on this aspect?

    My second question is so the spouse still needs an ielts for 887 even she was waived to pay a VAC due to a letter given by her college stating her medium of instructions regarding the study was in english?

    • TripleA says:

      I’m going to answer the second question here, and will answer the other one in a post later.

      Anyone wishing to claim full points for English proficiency needs to take the IELTS test and score well. Even native English speakers. Three years ago, my wife and I had to. Check the immigration website to see if it’s still required.

  24. (hidden) says:

    Wel forget to ask the most imp question for me , i have just granted a visa sub class 475 in jan 2013. can i add my brother who is married aged 37 having 3 child? we share same home , and he had no source of income and is dependent on me. The DIAC shows yes you can add your dependent family member but ………

    how i can prove that he is depending on me regards to the income ? on the other hand he shares the same home as all his documents educational or others are showing the same home address as is mine.

    any help in this regard will be highly appreciated , and congratulating u for such a great website , i was browsing through the internet for months but could nt find as much as great website ever related to sub class 887.

  25. Bhey says:

    I’m on Visa 475 and I’m going to apply Visa 887 on March 2013. I’m getting married on May 2013 but my future husband will not be migrating with me here YET because he can’t leave his work in our country until the end of the year. My question: Should I still answer Part C and Part D of Form 1276 (asking about my partner’s details) even if he’s not yet coming here? I will apply his spouse visa by January 2014 only. Thanks.

    • TripleA says:

      That is an excellent question! Well written too by the way, you’re certainly a smart person. Give me a few days to download the form and see what’s up. I can’t answer this one from memory. We need to make sure whether or not a spouse AND “significant other” are considered the same thing. Sometimes they are.

      • TripleA says:

        Ok, just checked. The form says “partner’s details”. It doesnt say “spouse”, so if I were in your position, I would include him because you will petition to bring him. Now, you will be required to prove your relationship, etc, and since you’re not married, that may be tough. Perhaps you’d want to consider applying only AFTER you’re married. It would save you some trouble. Now, again, this is only my opinion. For real advise, please consult with a registered immigration agent as specified in your application. Since you’re on a 475 visa, contact your case officer as they will already know your details. Good luck!

  26. Anil says:

    I have applied for 887 visa after two years. My 475 is still valid for 2014. In the meantime, can I go to my home country for one month on same visa or I have to apply for some other visa. Please reply.

    • TripleA says:

      Anil, the 475 visa has no travel restrictions that I know of. My wife travelled on her 475 with no issues. However, I do remember that sometime after we applied for our 887, our 475 was cancelled and we got what is called a bridging visa. You don’t want your 475 getting cancelled while you’re abroad and this could happen because you already applied for the 887. When my wife travelled, she had zero risk of staying “visaless” abroad because she had not applied yet for the 887. So, perhaps you’re safer waiting for your 887 before you travel. Ours was granted very quickly.

      If it’s a family emergency and you must absolutely travel now, just let immigration know and they’ll take care of you. They are very helpful and understanding here in Oz and if you have an issue, they can assist.

  27. Newbie says:


    We have got our family 475 visa on Jan 2013. As it is family sponsored, we can work anywhere in Victoria. My wife (a sw engineer) can get job in Melbourne, however, I have a very niche skillset and is having a tough time to get any job in Melbourne. Most consultants have advised me to try for job in Sydney. I wanted to check if being a secondary applicant (with 8549 restriction) can I work in Sydney CBD while my wife and son stays in Melbourne with my relative and work towards attaining PR. Will my staying outside designated area affect the PR application.

    Also, if it is indeed possible for me to work in Sydney, can you please let me know if to secure confidence of employers in Sydney, can I get a letter from DIAC or email from case officer that I am allowed to work outside Victoria. OR it is a standard practice and most employers know that secondary applicant can work outside designated area.

    Would really appreciate your early response.

    • TripleA says:

      Hi Newbie (or should I say, Ravi?), I’m sure I’ve answered that question before. Check the commments, I think it was here.

      This might also help:

      Back when I applied, the only person who had to stay in their designated state was the primary applicant. Now, in terms of employers in Sydney, read my job hunting segment. I advise that you DON’T tell your employers that you are on a 475 visa UNLESS THEY ASK YOU. A letter from DIAC saying that you can work in Sydney would be great, but only show it to your prospective employer IF THEY ASK for it. Remember, the “less” you look “foreign”, the better your chances of getting an interview.

      Also, on a 475 visa, you have the right to work ANYWHERE in Australia. But of course, if you’re planning to apply for Permanent Residency at a later stage, AND you’re the primary applicant, only the time you work in your designated area counts.

  28. vic says:

    Hi AAA bro.. I am on 487 visa working 2 casual jobs i want to ask u question do i have to
    show immi 35 hrs per week or 1820 hrs which calculate 35×52 weeks in 2 yrs bcoz sometime i work 30 hrs ..thanks in Advance.

    • TripleA says:

      The cummulative total should be fine, and if you want to be double sure, just do the math for them with your supporting documents. Provided you’ve worked at least 1820 hours, all of which can be verified with your application, then you should be fine. Remember, they’re not there to screw you. This isn’t the USA. They want to process your application successfully. Just make their job easier by giving them clear supporting documents.

  29. dinesh says:

    Hi i have been living in perth since perth became regional and applied for 487 visa dec 2012. i wanted to know if am granted 487 and want to apply 887 would the two year requirement and one year full time job be considered from the time perth became regional as i have been living and having job since then.

    What if after am granted 487 and after say few month perth is removed from regional area would i be able to apply for 887 as i have been living in perth since when it became regional and been working full time since then.

    • TripleA says:

      Sorry buddy, I’m not familiar with the 487 visa, but look it up in the diac website and it will have a section called “pathway to permanency” or something like that. It will tell you exactly what you’ll need to do.

  30. Priya says:

    Hey AAA,
    Must say.. you are one patient person!!
    Nice of you to have answered each & everyone’s query.

  31. Jane says:

    Hi triple A, I am currently applying for visa 887. When you send in the scanned documents, do you need some sort of signatures to prove that those documents are valid and genuine?? or are they just fine being scanned in PDF and sent through?


    • TripleA says:

      Hi Jane, if your documents are in English, then scan the originals in colour and you should be fine. If there are any issues with your scanned documents, an immigration rep will simply reply asking for additional proof. If you don’t have the originals, then they must be certified copies and the certification again must be in English. If they’re in another language, then scan the original AND the certified translation.

      By the way, to certify a copy of an original document, take the original document and the copy to a Justice of the Peace. There is one on call every day during business hours in the CBD. It’s a free service and he’s very nice. I forgot the address, but do a google search in Adelaide and it’ll come up for sure.

      The important bit here is to do it in colour so they know (to the best of their ability) that you’re truly scanning the original version of the document.

      Good luck!

  32. Hiba says:

    Hi AAA thank you very very very much for all the clear info. provided, you helped me a lot! … I’m on working visa 496 which is not very common but it’s basically working regional sponsored visa, applied for 887 online , submitted 6th April, got an automatic reply for a list of documents to be provided in 28 days , which I’ve done already.
    My question is: one of the documents listed is to provide an evidence to undertake the medical examination. I rang the Medibank Solution ,they gave me what they call it as “case reference numbers” for each person included … Is that enough? I mean do I need to undertake the health check? I know someone asked before and you answered no , but also there is a note in the website saying if you are applying onshore you need to do the health check .. I don’t know it’s very confusing and also they said this would accelerate your application… I haven’t received anything yet, all what I received so far is the automatic replies saying we had our bridging visa and this looong list of documents we need to provide and some of them are not necessary like the IELTS test result !! although I provided everything in the list as much as I can… For my working hours I attached a letter from my employer and some payslips and an Excel table with all my hours ,is that enough ?
    Thanks again and sorry for the long question but I’m really worried …

    • TripleA says:

      Hummm, I don’t know that visa at all, but in my case, for the 887, the online system clearly indicated that I didn’t have to get another health check because I had gotten mine done as a requirement to come to Oz, so there was no point in getting it done AGAIN. Now, if you’re being asked for health checks, then you must need them. They’re very expensive and you have other important questions, so you should by all means contact your case officer and clear this up with immigration directly. Bring up the work hours question as well while you’re at it. A letter from your employer plus your first and latest payslips “should” be enough, but only immigration can tell you for sure. Remember, I don’t work for immigration, so nothing I say is official. They’re just recommendations.

  33. Anu says:

    Hi TripleA,
    We are going to apply 887 visa next month. I was the primary applicant for 475 visa and I am working full time for more than a year. But my husband still doing some casual work. We both finished our Diplomas in our country in English medium. We both have letters issued by the our institutes that our 3 year full time course was conducted by English medium.
    My question is : Is it sufficient if we include my spouse’s letter (for his English requirement) issued by our institute with the application without doing IELTS again for him?
    Please answer my question…

    • TripleA says:

      You should already have proven your English proficiency when you applied for your 475, so I don’t see why you would need to provide proof yet AGAIN. If you’re certain you’re being asked for it again, then make sure you provide the same proof you provided the first time, as it is obvious whatever you provided for the 475 was sufficient or else you wouldn’t be here in Australia. Same for your husband.

  34. Anu says:

    Hi TripleA,
    Sorry, I didn’t give you the correct idea.
    When we were applying for 475 visa I was the primary applicant. Both of us had to do IELTS to get each 6.0 to sum up the points (100). My husband had to do IELTS because under spouse’s skills we got 5 points.
    But by now our IELTS results are already expired (more than 3 years).
    Now, for our 887 visa I can apply as the primary applicant since I have been working for more than 1 year now.
    But, in the government immigration website for 887 visa under spouse’s English language ability, it says he should have either IELTS 4.5 (functional english) or
    •evidence that you have a degree, diploma or trade qualification requiring at least two (2) years of full time study or training with all instruction conducted in English.

    He completed 3 year full time diploma course in electronics & telecom. in a university in our country in English medium. He has the letter now, mentioning that course was conducted in English medium.
    My problem is can we send that letter to prove his English level for 887 visa because it is overseas university?

    Or it should be a course conducted in English from Australian university?

    • TripleA says:

      Send the expired ielts result and the letter from the university. If they need anything else, they’ll tell you themselves. But as I’ve said 100 times, I am not the department of immigration. All I can give you is common sense. If you want my opinion, I can give it to you, but don’t ask me to answer your immigration question because everybody on a 475 visa already has an immigration agent assigned to their particular case who is ready and willing to answer their questions with the full certainty of knowing the ever changing immigration laws.

      You should be fine. It’s pretty hard to “unteach” yourself English while living in Australia. They know that, but only they can decide. Give them the tools to make a decision in your favour.

  35. Dhaval says:

    Hi Triple A,

    My partner and I we came to Adelaide in July 2011 on a 475 Visa. Our daughter was born in 2012 overseas and now is in Adelaide with us on a 489 Visa. Her Visa has been granted only for 1 year ending when our 475 Visa expires. I am applying for the PR residency (887 Visa) but when I am entering her details as an accompanying family member, I am getting an error message that she does not have a valid Visa and hence the application cannot proceed? It’s asking me to put her in the non accompanying family.

    My question is can I make the change (add her as a non accompanying adult) and then proceed with the application? Once I submit the application and a case officer is assigned will they make the change and grant her a 887 visa as well? Any help will be appreciated. I have all the required documents and we are just stuck on this.


    • TripleA says:

      Congrats. You were assigned a case officer when your 475 was granted. If you don’t have a clue, contact and someone there will be able to assist you. Contact them and let them know what’s happening before you proceed any further. They’ll be more than happy to let you know how to proceed. Don’t try to trick the form to make it pass. When it comes to immigration, you should never say one thing when you mean another. Remember that your application is under oath and DIAC can cancel everything for saying you won’t bring a family member when your intention was to do so (even if you did it simply to overcome the issue with the form). Based on what you’re saying, it seems like there’s a glitch in the online application system or perhaps they forgot to add the 489 visa type. Your daughter is here already, so it’s a no-brainer. She should be added to your application. Now, I’m not familiar with the 489 visa but you, as a parent, can indeed add your child to your 887 application if you already meet the criteria (sounds like you do). Please contact your case officer before you proceed (make sure you quote the full names, date of birth and visa numbers of all involved). Make it easy for them to help you. Good luck.

  36. sam says:

    Hi AAA,
    i have few doubts regarding 887 visa, hope you can help me.
    i am 475 visa holder and my 2 Years of visa condition period will be completed by this November. But i have visited twice my mother country within this 2 years. it is total of 38 days. According to this situation Could i lodge my 887 application on this November or do i need to stay anther 38 days additionally?

    your reply will be really appreciated.

    • TripleA says:

      I personally doubt it. If I were in your shoes, I’d apply anyway in November. The requirement is to “live here” for 2 years. Just because you went on vacation does not mean you stopped living here. Worst case scenario, they delay your application for the time required, but that won’t hurt your status whatsoever. You should be fine either way.

  37. Jethro says:

    Hi Triple A,

    I’m not sure if you’re the right person to ask about our current situation. We have a 475 visa and we arrived here Sept 2012. My wife is the primary applicant and we are planning to apply for 887. Is this possible? even if we only have 1 year stay and 1 year full time work here in a regional area. Because my wife is 4 months pregnant and we would like to apply for 887 visa to get a medical benefit. Need a good advice on our current situation, Your advice is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 😀

    • TripleA says:

      Hi Jethro,

      Unfortunately, you also need to be the 2 year stay requirement. So, even if you have already fulfilled your work obligations, you still must have a minimum of 2 years stay in your designated regional area before you can apply for permanent residency.

      Congratulations, though. You’re on your way to a PR and you’ll also have a baby that will be well taken care of. This is one of the best countries to be born right now. It’s going to be a very fortunate child. 🙂

  38. Paul says:

    I am on the 475 visa and I will be making my second entry into Australia to begin my two year residency.
    Please can someone advise me what I must do upon arrival. Is there any registration. Where and who do I report to that I am in Adelaide?

    • TripleA says:

      No special registration required. Your visa starts “ticking” once you enter Australia for the first time. So yours must have been ticking since then. Your second entry won’t make any difference. Immigration will stamp your passport on arrival just like they do with all foreigners. Business as usual.

  39. john says:

    Hello, I have a query regarding application for VISA887
    I have currently been working in Australia for approximately 2 years and in the first year(12 months) of working I had worked 32 hours a week. Then in the second year I have been working fulltime for 36 hours per week for 10 months thus far and currently also working a second job whereby I am working 10 hours on a permanent part- time basis.
    My query is, I am currently a holder of VISA 475 and I am wanting to know, if I am eligible to apply for permanent residence VISA887 in my current situation?


  40. Richy says:

    I am on a 489 visa, this i applied for because I couldn’t meet up to the 60 points for 190 visa. Now that I have reached the 60 points mark for a 190 visa, can I apply for it despite the fact my 489 visa hasn’t been completed?

    Thanks for your time mate.


    • TripleA says:

      I’m not familiar with those visas, but as far as I know, once you begin the application process for a particular visa, you cannot interrupt that application and apply for a different visa. You’re stuck with the one for which you applied first. In fact, it should be one of the qualifying questions. “Have you applied or are you in the process of applying for another visa” or something like that. You’ll want an official answer from DIAC on that one. I’d get in touch with them ASAP. They’re pretty good at answering e-mails quickly.

  41. Raj says:

    I am on 487 visa and my wife is on partner visa 489. I am going to apply for 887 in two weeks. Should I apply online or email them my documents? Someone told me that my wife is on different visa and system does not recognise 489 visa so i cant apply online. What is your opinion about it.

    • TripleA says:

      When you apply online, you “do” e-mail them your documents, so it’s not either or. Applying online is the best way to do it because you get to keep your originals. Just make sure you follow the instructions on the immigration website. They tell you what documents you need, what file type, what file names to use, the kb limit, etc.

      When you go for your live appointment, they’ll ask you for the originals. But in the meantime, applying online is the safest way to go. That’s what I did.

      In regards to your wife, I don’t have a clue. Ask your case officer. Good luck!

  42. Raj says:

    Thanks for your reply TripleA.
    I spoke to immigration and they said i cant apply online because my wife is on different subclass so they told me to scan and email all the documents to their email address
    I tried online for 887 visa and I get an error message saying ” The departmental systems indicate that you are unable to apply for this visa online.
    So have to email them my application.

    • TripleA says:

      Thanks for the update Raj! I remember this question having come up once in the past, but the person who asked never replied to say what happened in the end. Good to know that while partners on different subclass visas can’t apply together online, they can still do so by contacting immigration directly. When I did my first application, I had to e-mail a bunch of extra documents to a similar e-mail address. They were very helpful and even funny sometimes. My experience with immigration here has been outstanding.

  43. Raj says:

    Thanks Triple
    we cant apply for 887 online if your wife is on different subclass. So have to submit 1276 form and all other supporting documents to their email and they said dont forget to send them a screen shot of the error message that I get when I try online application.

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