Inline Skating in Adelaide

Back when I was young(er) and sexy(er), I used to be a recreational / freestyle skater.

While I did do some crazy stuff like hitching onto moving vehicles in the highway, jumping over cars, and racing in the middle of the street through the traffic of Caracas, I was not what you call an “aggresive skater”. Those guys are seriously insane. Like this one, for example:

During my skating years, when I was between 12 and 15, I always dreamed of the day I could actually glide on a high-end pair of rollerblades. Then I moved to the United States and I was so busy being an immigrant that the thought of skating never even crossed my mind until I moved to Greece and became a EU Permanent Resident. Too bad they don’t make off-road inline skates that could withstand Greek roads.

But now I’m in Adelaide and ever since I first went downtown, I realized that this city is PERFECT for skating. I actually read somewhere that Adelaide is one of the flattest cities in the world and that its friendly and scenic walking / cycling / skating paths are unrivaled anywhere else.

Although it sounds like an exaggeration, I wouldnt’ dare to argue that statement. You see, I have been to hundreds of cities in over a dozen countries and in my list, Adelaide ranks at the very top of wheel friendliness, wheather, and scenery.

Now good luck finding a pair of decent skates!

That’s right. It’s HAAAAAAAAAARD to find skates here, and when you do, they will cost up to 4 times as much as they would in the USA.

Like these beauties for example:

US price $180
AU price $600

Luckily, I found a great deal at $400 through with free shipping. They are extremely friendly and will make an honest effort to help you find the skates that are right for you. Since I bought some protective gear as well, I managed to negotiate the price down to $350 (If you remember my post about haggling, you’d be pleased I’ve gotten better at it).

Rollerblading is a beautiful activity, excellent for cardio, and FUN!

If you live in Adelaide or are planning to come, I strongly advise you to get a good pair of skates. It may sound expensive at first, but when you consider the money you will save in transportation, entertainment, and gym, you’ll see that it’s a great investment. Besides, with rollerblades you can go to places where you can’t with a bicycle, they don’t take up much room in your house, and you get to hold hands with your other half! Awwww . . .

I’ll see you out there!


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21 Responses
  1. Mark says:

    Inspired, I commute almost every day now. Hope to see you out there.


    • TripleA says:

      Yet another comment that slips through the dark confines of cyberspace.

      Thanks for sharing, I’m glad my post reached someone. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I don’t commute to work with the blades (I live too far), but every now and then I hit the Esplanade between Glenelg Beach and Brighton North. It’s a beautiful path.

  2. Guillermo says:

    Hey There!!!! I’m from Venezuela as well, Maracay… I used to rollerblade back home (aggressive, beginner level) 10 years ago… I’ve been living in australia for 2 years (Melbourne), I recently moved to Adelaide (Glenelg North) and I’ve been looking for rollerblading group or something (I’m a social guy, I really dont like doing exercise on my own :S)
    Do you know anything about it??

    • TripleA says:

      Hey Guillermo, thanks for commenting!

      That was pretty much my case too. Back in Venezuela, I was also an “aggerssive beginner” (since you called it that way). That’s about 15 years ago.

      I’ve sent you an e-mail. We should meet up.

      Welcome to Adelaide!

  3. Reygt says:

    Greetings mate! well I have to be honest with you, I read all your post about skating and I have now a high fever to skate when I arrive there, but I have serious doubts about inline skates, please if you can help me with that:

    I was considering to buy a normal pair of skates, maybe rollerblade (which I had) or K2 recreational skates. But thinking about the distances there should I consider to buy fitness or training skates more than recreational?

    For example K2 offers some models with two 100 mm wheels in the back and two 90 mm wheels in the front so it offers you less effort and more speed (’cause of the size of the wheel).

    If you can help me with that question, because I will be travelling to the states in May and I’m going to buy them there. Maybe you can tell me the model of your skates or a likewise model.

    BTW, email me if you want to stay in touch and later in october we could do some small trips hehehe.


  4. TripleA says:

    My skates are the ones in this post. They’re an excellent pair for recreational skaters who like to do a little bit of everything. They’re too big for slalom though, but perfect for those undecided.

    I’m not a distance skater and I only use them for fun and excercise. Great choice for that. They’re fast but not marathon fast, and they’re agile enough for street hockey.

    I haven’t used them much this summer. :(. My stamina has been dowwwwn!

    The distance you’ll skate is determined by you, not the place where you live. So, don’t worry about that. What you should take into account when purchasin skates is te use you’ll give them. Hard core sprinter? Long distance marathoner? Acrobat? Urban warfare? Transportation? Recreation?

    Ask yourself that question and the answer will reveal the pair of skates you’ll be happier with.

    Good luck and see you when you get here!

  5. Reygt says:

    In that case your skates are great man! well I’m still thinking ’bout what I want, anyway thank you for your advice.

    BTW, I like your comment “urban warfare” HAHAHA.


  6. ferd0 says:

    I haven’t heard of many people skating in Adelaide. Learning how to skate has been something I wanted to do since I remember but never got around to it because I moved countries so many times. Now that I want to learn I thought that nobody skates in Adelaide. I also thought that Adelaide would be a great place to skate. The roads are plain (well…mostly) and wide. I’d love to know if there are actual groups that skate. I don’t think I can skate by myself…I’d likely fall and die xD.

    • TripleA says:

      Well, just make sure you’re wearing a helmet and wristguards at the very least. Kneepads are also strongly recommended. Elbow pads are overkill. Back in the old days, when I was young, fast and furious, I was an aggressive skater and I never ever hit my elbows once (and obviously, I fell a lot). Now, had I not been wearing writsguards and a helmet, I wouldn’t be here (well, maybe I would, but I just wouldn’t be able to type on a keyboard or think clearly).

      I don’t know of any skating groups per se, but if you found this post, I’m sure you’ll find others. Little by little, you’ll build up a network of people to skate with. Now, I haven’t skated nearly as much as I would have liked because I skate with my wife and the skill difference between us is too much. I don’t mind going slow, but when you’re in skates, often going slow makes you fall more. The better skater you become, the faster you’ll be able to go, and thus, the less you will fall. But as long as you’re “walking on wheels”, you’ll fall over and over and over again.

      To learn, I would suggest that you actually skate ALONE. Watch a lot of videos on youtube and then go out to a park with a pretty flat path. A parking lot is IDEAL (as long as it’s closed). Lots of room, no traffic, no pedestrians, no dogs, no children, no bikers. It’s the perfect environment to learn to skate.

      Good luck!

  7. Kassie says:


    I just googled “good places to rollerblade in adelaide” and your page was the first to come up.
    I used to rollerblade soooooo much when I was a kid. I was fantastic at it and it wasn’t difficult. I barely fell and when I did it never hurt and never went further than a bit of a light graze. We had a big courtyard and drive way that i would use or I’d go along the river torrens with my dad. I believe it was the movie mighty ducks that got me onto it (seirously) and me and my brother would play hockey on our rollerblades for horus everyday after school.
    I decided to try it again a few years back and got a pair of skates from rebel sport for about $80. I tried going around the streets and it was so effing hard! I didn’t realise how many muscles you use in your back to keep balance and constantly propelled forward. I didn’t like the rough surfaces I was going on and hung up my blades and forgot about them. Until I went to the u.s and saw people having a whale of a time along venice beach. Plus I hear you burn 600 calories in an hour!
    So when i came back home to adelaide I decided to give it another go. I used to skate on the roof top level of the north adelaide village car park. smoooooth concrete surface, huge area and desserted. perfect. However I went sunday mornings when sunday trading didnt exist. I had to go at 7am on sunday while no one was there and even then a few cars parked ontop (bit rude considering they saw me skating and there was 2 levels below where they couldve parked)
    anyway i managed to only fall twice. i wore wrist guards, elbow and knee padding and a helmet. never even had wrist ones when i was a kid! Managed to fall twice, once on my knee which is abit bruised even though I wore padding and then fell on my chin the second time. That hurt abit haha and I’m still sporting a big graze and bruise.
    Besides that though it was good fun. The next day my legs were sore as well as my abs and surpisingly my triceps! I guess from all the constant arm movement?

    Sorry about the essay! I’ve been raving to my friends who all don’t have skates ๐Ÿ™
    I’ve found a place in blackwood that does indoor skating. Its $7 entry including skate hire but the downside is they are only open saturdays 3.30-5 or some very small window like that.
    Can you suggest any other smooth concrete paths? Asphalt and Bitumen are too rough in my opinion. especially if you are only getting back into it.
    ALSO you should organise a big group skate with all the ppl who have commented on this thread. I’d totally go to that!

    • TripleA says:

      Well, since you started sharing your darkest secrets, I guess it’s my turn.

      Who didn’t get into street hockey after watching The Mighty Ducks? Hehehe. The movie that got me started though, was called “Airborne”. Seth Green had the second main role in that movie. Even Jack Black shows his face in it. It’s hilarious to see how they developed.

      I wouldn’t pay to skate anywhere unless it’s an ice rink or a skate park (in which case, I wouldn’t even DARE to skate next to the badass teenagers). It’s interesting that you write because last Sunday I wanted to go rollerblading with my wife, but she preferred to walk along the beach. If you’re looking for a nice place to skate, I recommend the Esplanade. Start in North Brighton and make your way to Glenelg, where you can stop and refresh with a Boost Juice or a burrito to get back the calories you just lost.

      Now, if you’re into parking lot freestyling, there’s this huge car park on the east side of Anzac Highway, right where it hits the CBD. Usually on the weekends, though, it’s full of girls playing ball, but during the week is normally empty. Good place to build back your confidence if you’re near the centre. I’ve kind of always wanted to go skating in the city around the parklands, but the thought of having to look for a place to park is enough to turn me off. There’s a lot of ups and downs, but if you start going too fast, you can always throw yourself off the bike path and onto the soft grass.

      I ended up meeting the first guy who posted here about skates. Believe it or not, we became friends and see each other regularly but NOT ONCE have we gone skating. LOL. The other guy, Rey, is a regular visitor, but I haven’t met him face to face yet. No idea if he finally bought the skates.

      Here’s a place that you might enjoy. The METRODOME I think it’s called. It’s where the inline hockey league is played here in Adelaide (via Mawson Lakes). I went to a few games last year, I’m pretty sure I posted about it. A real hoot. Free entry.

      So, how old are you and where are you from?

  8. Kassie says:

    oh cool thanks for the tips.

    HAHAHAHAHAH how FUNNY, I’ve seen that movie too! Doesn’t he skate in a biodome type garden thing? too cool for my blood!
    I like to think I am one of the mighty ducks from the 2nd movie where they are rollerblading around town yeling “DUCKS STAY TOGETHER! QUACK!” hahaha

    I’m wondering if the esplanade you’re talking about is completely smooth though. I thought about going along a bike track but there is often those small suburban crossings with thick rough bitcumen road you have to get across. thats a worry if theres cars about and I’m struggling to get over that surface and falling. I know the path from glenelg heading towards like hove or whatever, and the path is bricks, i don’t think they would fare very well on bricks? Meaning me, I would fall over.

    Believe it or not, I am STILL sore from the sunday skate and I am really active and fit. I still have the chin graze and a sore bruise but at least I can close my jaw now unlike on sunday. eek!

    Thats funny about your friend and never going skating. haha

    My dad mentioned that same park near anzac your referring to. I live real close to that so I’ll have to give it a go!
    My friend also suggested marion roof top car park after hours. Maybe that could be a goer too?
    I wouldn’t dare go to a skate park. Thats just for tricks and jumps. I’m only interested in flats and skating distances while listening to my ipod.

    I’m 24 and born and bred in Adelaide I live pretty central to the CBD

    • TripleA says:

      Ducks do stay together, though. I simrace Nascar, so I know all about drafting. Ducks are pretty good at that.

      Do you still have the chin graze? I thought you were talking about a past-life experience or something. I didn’t expect that to be a recent event!

      At least you’re though! Most people I know would hang their skates after getting bruised up. Now, how do you hit your chin??? Not that I’d like to try it . . . I just can’t picture such a fall.

      I live right across the street from the Westfield Marion, so we could indeed check it out. It is a pretty good carpark (I would have killed for such a place as a teenager). I remember skating around that area at night last year, but it was pretty spooky. Perhaps it’ll be better now that we’re starting to get more daylight. Wanna give it a go this weekend? I’ll e-mail you my details.

      I’m 30, so be gentle when we meet up.

  9. Joe Ban says:

    Hi Ya,
    I commute to work on skates (adelaide) most days, often detouring around through the adelaide parkland, graveyard… before ending up at the torrens river. There is stacks of trails and I can easily fit in around 16 km before guilt gets me and I head off to work. I find most of the trails smooth (riding on 90’s or 100’s ) and the road crossing have either lights or are simple crossings. Do watch the turns in the graveyard though as I have had more than one close call with a headstone ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have tried other skates like Westfield Marion, but it just does not compare. We are so lucky to live in Adelaide there paths and trails allow us such easy access to our city.


  10. Andrew says:

    Interesting reading all your posts. I’ve just returned to Adelaide and have been skating in London for years. It would be great to skate with some of you some time. I was also part of a group in London that inspired ‘beginners’ into skating so im more than happy to pass on tips lessons if anyone wants. It really is the most fun u can have while exercising! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • TripleA says:

      Great, thanks for posting!

      I haven’t skated since last summer, but skateSA organised a big skate around the city last month. Good fun since many streets were closed for the event.

  11. Andrew says:

    Oh, so it is still going? I new some people from London that took part in the first one last year, but havent found anyone here that knew of it, or if it continued.

  12. Elena says:

    I enjoyed reading through the whole post and comments.

    I am in my 25โ€™s now and I used to skate a lot when I was a kid, I bought my new โ€œprofessionalโ€ skates since one year ago but I hadnโ€™t actually skate that much as I have no idea of good paths to do it. Ideas?
    I have noticed that In Adelaide there is such a big group of Roller Derby skaters but not for Inline skates, have you consider start one? Iโ€™m up for it.
    If not, at least create a group for skating and sharing good spots, advises, etc.
    I live in North Adelaide, so if anyone wants to join for a ride, Iโ€™m looking forward to hear about it.

    • TripleA says:

      Hi Elena, nice to meet you!

      I read your post about Adelaide. Good blog by the way! We should definitely meet up. Maybe Kassie, Rey, Andrew and Joe will hook up at some point later. I’m pretty sure Rey would. He contacted me after he arrived and showed me his skates. Good pair. Kassie and I became facebook buddies after this, but when I said, “All right, let’s do it” she chickened out (I hope you’re reading this Kass!). She said she was too green to try “in public” yet, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she was intimidated by my drooling good looks. There can simply be no other logical explanation.

      Funnny, my wife is always asking me to go with her to the gym and I always reply “Let’s go skating instead!” The gym bores me to death and I hate that there’s no pace for rookies; you go in as a first timer and they expect you to perform like a pro who’s there every day. Anyway, my wife seems to have given up on skating. So, I told her today, “I have HUNDREDS of hot singles LINING UP to go skating with me and I haven’t taken up their offers because you’ll tease me to death”. She replied, “You’re a dumbass. Call up those girls and get your ass moving!”

      How embarrasing. I’ll be rollerblading with girls while my wife pumps iron at the gym with guys.

      So be it. Summer is officially over, so we have just a few sunny weekends left. I’m free today Sunday, April 7. If you see this early enough and send me an e-mail to admin(at) with your mobile, and I’ll call you up to meet up in North Adelaide in the afternoon. Worst case scenario, if the weather isn’t friendly, at least we make a new friend.

      Are you single or do I need to come “packing” just in case your partner comes after me?


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